OKC Expungement Lawyer

OKC Expungement Lawyer

We know that the expungement process can be difficult and emotional. Whether you are feeling
regret, embarrassment or just frustration with your situation – our team brings experience to bear
in order to help alleviate these feelings by providing a resolution for all parties involved! We’ve
been through it before so there is no need to worry about getting stuck without support during
such trying times. We’ll do what needs done while communicating throughout each step of this
journey together.
We want to give you a second chance. Our team at Criminal Record Eraser is passionate about
providing affordable record expungement services for individuals throughout Oklahoma, and we
understand how an unwanted criminal history can affect almost every aspect of your life. A past criminal record can be a heavy burden you have to carry for years and can negatively impact other aspects of your life like jobs or education opportunities. We all know potential employers typically do background checks before hiring someone newly released from incarceration/probation supervision.

Expungement Services:

Eligibility Process
The first step in the process of being eligible for one, requires verifying your criminal history with
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). In order to do so, we contact them and pay the
 fee that may be associated with getting this information provided quickly! Once we receive
it from them usually within 48 hours our team will complete an analysis on whether or not there’s
potential eligibility based off of what was sent over. If all goes accordingly then congratulations!

Work Together
When completing our analysis of your criminal history record and verifying that eligibility exists,
we will contact the appropriate people in order for an expungement. Our team offers both
individual consultations as well as teleconferences depending on availability; please let us know
which option works best for you-we would love nothing more than being able to help make things easier by working together.

Expungement of Records
You are about to embark on the road back towards success! Our attorneys have begun the
process of submitting your forms, and after they’re completed, your record will be expunged so they won’t show up when applying somewhere or just trying to get a job. It doesn’t matter how old these actions were because now all will appear clean with no blemish from past mistakes

Why Trust Us With Your Expungement?

When it comes to criminal record expungement, The Criminal Record Eraser is unmatched in
our ability and expertise compared to others in the Oklahoma area. Not only do we offer an
incredible service that will help you erase your past mistakes from society but also provide legal counsel . So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!