Automobile Theft

Automobile theft is a common charge that we see in Oklahoma. Automobile theft umbrella’s two offenses, are unauthorized use of a vehicle, and receiving or disposing of a stolen vehicle. If you are being charged with either of these offenses, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately. Trying to navigate this journey on your own, or with a subpar legal defense team, could result in harsher than needed sentencing. Justice is important, but we believe in fair and appropriate justice. That is why The Criminal Record Eraser attorneys work diligently to represent each client to the best of our abilities.


Here at The Criminal Record Eraser, we are prepared to help anyone who is being charged with automobile theft. We have success in reducing charges for those who are being accused of automobile theft. We don’t judge our clients on their past or present offenses. Our job is to ensure that each person is represented in court to the best of our ability. We believe in second chances, and the ability to live a full life after certain crimes.

Unauthorized Use of A Vehicle

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Unauthorized use of a vehicle is defined by the law when you take or use a vehicle without the owner’s consent for a short or long period of time. With or without the intent of bringing it back. Anytime you are using a vehicle that is not your own, consent or permission is always required. This offense on your record can cause license suspension, and/or extremely high auto insurance premiums.The maximum charge for this offense is 2 years of prison time.

Receiving or Disposing of a Stolen Vehicle

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It is a crime in Oklahoma to use, dispose, or even receive a vehicle that has been stolen or converted illegally. If you obtain or dispose of a vehicle that you know or suspect was stolen, that is a criminal offense. Any vehicle that has been stolen, must be reported to the police on site. Failure to do so will result in legal action. The sentence for this offense can be up to two years.

What We Can Do For You

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It is important with both of these offenses, to seek legal counsel immediately. Our defense attorney’s at The Criminal Record Eraser, can help you navigate these charges, and avoid the maximum penalty. We have worked with countless individuals and families in Oklahoma, to help represent them in the court of law to protect their rights, and help them receive the lightest penalty possible.

If you or someone you love has been charged with any of these crimes, contact The Criminal Record Eraser today. Our team of experienced attorneys are eager to partner with you and work on providing the best outcome the law has to offer.

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