Moore Criminal Expungement Lawyer Near Me

Moore Criminal Expungement Lawyer Near Me

If you are in the Moore Oklahoma area and need a lawyer to help you expunge your criminal record, contact our team at The Criminal Record Eraser. We are located out of Oklahoma City and serve surrounding areas. Our passion is help people gain a second chance. We know it can be difficult to get a fresh start when you have a ding on your criminal record for the world to see. It can also be extremely difficult to try and get an expungement without proper representation. Here at Criminal Record Eraser, we know how the Oklahoma State Law works and we are pros at navigating it to produce the best results. If you are a qualified individual to receive an expungement, then we will be happy to help!

What’s Next

At Criminal Record Eraser we have a streamlined process to make sure that no one’s time is wasted, and every detail is accounted for. We try to create a hassle-free experience so you can quickly get the life you want. We are passionate about second chances, and passionate about helping you! Here is how our process work

  • We review your record to ensure you are qualified
  • We send an attorney to meet with you to go over questions
  • We fill out the paperwork and petition for an expungement


That is it! Three easy steps! We fill out the forms and petition for the expungement. We believe in handling things and providing a smooth process. We have a high success rate for those who qualify. We have testimonials of people who contacted us, allowed us to help, and got their life back! It is that Simple

What Makes Us Unique

  1. We offer reasonable prices- Ensuring that prices are affordable is a major focus of ours. We want to provide the ability to get your record expungement, without breaking the back. That is important to us and something we want to do for our Oklahoma community
  2. We are very fast- We are aware of the stigma anything to do with the law takes forever. Our mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen with the expungement process. Our goal is to review, process, and receive results fast!
  3. We are on your side- We know that mistakes happen, and our passion is to provide you a second chance at life. Things happen and we all grow. We want to provide an atmosphere for you to grow by expunging your record so you can lead the life you want.



These 3 areas are our mission statement. The heartbeat of our company is to serve others. We know life gets messy and there is a high chance anyone could have an unfavorable encounter with the law. This began our search to figure out how we could make a difference in this area. We believe it is our passion that creates such great results and has helped so many others. So if you are in the Moore area and need a lawyer to help you start fresh, contact us today!