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At The Criminal Record Eraser, we believe that your past mistakes should not define your future! Unfortunately, for many people, past mistakes create obstacles to living a productive life in the form of career obstacles, social challenges, and more. We are proud to offer affordable solutions that will help you on the road to creating the future you deserve!


Experienced Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers in OKC

Our team has gained valuable experience through many years of practice in the field of criminal record expungements. This knowledge allows us to quickly and efficiently navigate the oftentimes complex expungement process in Oklahoma!


We know that many times, individuals are unable to obtain representation due to high fees. At The Criminal Record Eraser, we charge one flat fee. This not only makes our services more affordable but also more accessible to individuals in and around Oklahoma City. It is our passion and pleasure to serve the members of our community in this way.


Who is Eligible for Criminal Record Expungement?

The Criminal Record Eraser team serves a diverse group of individuals. Many of these individuals previously believed they were ineligible for criminal record expungement! We are always available to consult you as to whether or not you are eligible for our services.


Individuals with a criminal record that contains violent felonies or sex crimes are not eligible for record expungement. If you are not sure whether your record is classified as violent or non-violent, our team would love to assess your eligibility.


For individuals who wish to move on following a past mistake or even an inaccurate record, we provide streamlined and speedy solutions! 


Understanding Oklahoma City Criminal Record Expungement

So, how exactly does the Oklahoma City criminal record expungement process work? At The Criminal Record Eraser, we are passionate about making the process as streamlined and simple as possible. Our process includes three easy steps.


First, we check your eligibility for record expungement by completing an analysis of your criminal record. After submitting a request with the State of Oklahoma, we often receive this information within 24 hours upon which we can complete our analysis.


Second, assuming you are eligible for record expungement, we will meet with you either in person or through teleconference. During this meeting, we will explain the expungement process in further detail and complete the necessary paperwork.


The third and final step in the Oklahoma City criminal record expungement process is to file a petition with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation! Once the expungement is complete with the OSBI, your record is sealed from public view and you are free to move forward with your life!



Find Freedom Your Criminal Record Today!

At The Criminal Record Eraser, we are proud to provide individuals in and around Oklahoma City with freedom from their past mistakes! Our team works quickly and efficiently, allowing you to pursue your dreams without the weight of your criminal record holding you back. Are you ready to find freedom from your criminal record? Contact our team today to get started!


The Criminal Record Eraser serves as an exceptional criminal record expungement lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK. They work fast, offer the lowest price, and are always on your side. Here is some of the expungement process:


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