Tulsa Expungement Lawyer

Tulsa Expungement Lawyer

The Criminal Record Eraser is a company that offers affordable solutions for individuals looking to get back on the path of success. We have the best Tulsa Expungement Lawyers around. We believe you deserve not only one more chance but many chances, and our team works hard every day helping people just like yourself live happy productive lives despite their mistakes from before!

Throughout the years of practice, our law firm has gained valuable knowledge and expertise which allows us to give guidance through this process. Whether it be an inaccurate representation or even if there are mistakes from earlier in life that need erasing away–we will work with every client until they achieve their desired outcome.


Our Expungement Process 

Our expungement process consists of three simple steps. 

  • Eligibility

You may qualify for an expungement if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony that is nonviolent. At Expunge Today we can provide the first step by analyzing your criminal history records and determine whether it’s possible to erase this blemish on your record forever!


  • Representation

We’ll work with you to make sure that your criminal history is accurately represented on our records. We offer both in-person meetings, if available or by phone call depending upon preference – just let us know what’s more convenient! During this initial meeting we will walk through all the details of how an application should be completed.  In addition, we will walk you through and complete a representation agreement before submitting any official paperwork–the process couldn’t really get easier than this so don’t hesitate any longer because time matters!


  • Petition

With a few simple steps, we can have your criminal record expunged and sealed from public view. You’ll be able to take advantage of all the opportunities in life without having any regrets about what was lost!

Criminal Record Eraser Serving Tulsa

In the United States, one in four adults has a criminal record. This is an amazing statistic considering that most charges aren’t life-threatening or violent! It’s also incredible to think about how many people deserve another chance when they’ve done nothing wrong – you deserve it too; we all do.”

We are passionate about serving the Tulsa community and helping people get their life back.

Let us help you erase your criminal history so that it doesn’t limit future opportunities. We are dedicated to providing affordable record expungement services for people in Tulsa who deserve a second chance at living the happy, productive lives they need and want to lead!

We’re here to help! Our team of legal experts has the knowledge and experience necessary for a fast, straightforward record expungement process. With many years of success in this area under our belt, we know how best to approach things from start-to-finish so that you can be free within weeks instead of months or even years after making contact with us today – all without any unnecessary stress involved. Our expungement lawyers are here to help you. We are the best in the business! So contact us today!