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It is important to us to have the best legal team representing our clients. Our legal team has years of experience, with many types of cases. We are well versed in Oklahoma law. Our mission is to represent our clients well, and ensure the law is fair, accurate, and merciful to our clients. We defend our clients without judgment, and with full commitment.


In addition, we work tirelessly at expunging charges from our clients’ records, so that they can live the life they are working towards. We have the lowest prices for expungements in Oklahoma. We want to allow everyone to get the legal representation that they need. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of criminal law, felony, and misdemeanors alike. In addition, we provide legal representation for the following charges listed below:


Here are the specific obstructions of justice charges that we work with:

Disorderly Conduct

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This charge is defined as having unruly behavior that results in a minor offense. This can range from excessive profanity to outrageous intoxicated behavior. This is considered a misdemeanor and can result in 30 days of jail time.

Public Nuisance

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A public nuisance is when a person interferes with a right the public has. For example, if you are in a public setting, and are making loud and obnoxious noises, this can be considered a crime. However, public nuisance can relate to more serious issues like criminal activity


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Vandalism is a crime in the state of Oklahoma. Any drawing, writing, or damage to public/or private property can result in criminal charges.

Reckless Driving/Texting While Driving

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If an officer sees a driver acting recklessly behind the wheel, whether any damage or harm has happened or not, can pull you over and perform an arrest. Texting while driving has become more and more prevalent and a leading cause in car accidents. Therefore, law enforcement is cracking down on phone usage in the car while driving.

We Represent Our Oklahoma City Community Well


If you have been charged or accused of any of these crimes, contact The Criminal Record Eraser right away. We have been serving the Oklahoma City Community for years, and we have had great success with representing our clients and providing the best possible outcomes. 


Whether you would like to be represented by one of our excellent attorneys or need your record expunged, we are ready to help! Our judgment-free, professional approach is what draws people to us. We believe in equal representation. We also believe in second chances. We provide low-cost legal counsel to our clients and ensure they are represented well. Our team is eager and willing to help you receive quality legal counsel that provides quality outcomes. Call us today for more information

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