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We are not just another law firm.

At The Criminal Record Eraser, we believe you deserve not only a second chance but the opportunity to live a happy and productive life, despite your past mistakes. Our team is passionate about providing an affordable solution for individuals looking to get back on the path to success in every area of life.


Throughout our many years of practice, we have gained valuable knowledge and expertise that allows us to carefully navigate the expungement process in the State of Oklahoma. Whether your current criminal record is reflected inaccurately or you are wishing to remove a silly mistake from your past, we will work with you to achieve a simple and speedy solution!

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We Fight for You

Where there is a will, there is a way. Let us help break those chains keeping you a prisoner!

We offer reasonable prices

Our entire motivation behind our expungement project is to offer reasonable prices to the members of our community.

We are very fast

Don't wait any longer. We can help you take the next step to becoming free of your past burdens in a matter of weeks!

We are on your side

We believe that beyond a second chance, you deserve to lead a happy and productive life despite what you did in the past.

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Are You Ready to Let Go of Your Past?

We understand that the expungement process can bring up a variety of feelings and emotions.

Whether you are experiencing regret, embarrassment, or simply frustration, our team is committed to operating with a high level of care, concern, and compassion. We are highly experienced in the expungement process and work effectively and efficiently to provide you with a resolution.


Regardless of the set of circumstances that led you to our practice, we are ready to partner with you and provide you the opportunity to live life without the heavy burden of a criminal record. You deserve a second chance to pursue success in your personal, financial, social, and spiritual life! We look forward to partnering with you in this way.


Are you ready to move forward in life, leaving your criminal record in the past? Contact The Criminal Eraser to get started!


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